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Park Planning

The Boston Parks and Recreation Department has been leading the planning process to redesign Moakley Park with Stoss Landscape Urbanism and Weston & Sampson as the designers and engineers. Boston Harbor Now, the South Boston Neighborhood House, and other groups have contributed to the public outreach. Everyone is encouraged to provide feedback as the plans are refined and the project is built in phases. Additional information can be found on the City of Boston website.



March and July 2022

Phase 1 Design

Details are ironed out for the northeast corner of the park, which will be built first.
October 2020

Moakley Park Preliminary Plan

Refined the design and program for the park with core recreational facilities, a crest of flood protection, a coastal park, and a city edge.
September 2019

Discover Moakley

A day of interconnected play in the park that included a closed part of Day Boulevard and connected to Carson Beach. Visitors enjoyed a variety of free activities, foods and drinks and gave feedback on the Moakley Park Vision Plan.
March 2019

Moakley Park Vision Plan

Initial proposal to add a raised berm to the park, move the stadium, pedestrianize Day Boulevard, and add underground parking.


Download planning documents and other information about Moakley Park redesign process below.